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Which are the best blinds for apartment windows?

For apartment buildings undergoing unit turns and renovations, choosing the right apartment blinds is a crucial decision that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, directly impacting tenant satisfaction and property value. Our selection of blinds and shades offers property managers and maintenance teams a streamlined, cost-effective solution to enhance the living spaces within their buildings, ensuring both durability and style that meet the diverse needs of modern apartment living.

The best answer needs to be followed up with more questions:

  • What type of property are we talking about?
  • What area is it in?
  • Are you wanting the lowest priced product?
  • or are you looking for a modern contemporary design to compliment your beautiful property?
  • Does quality matter over price?

The answer to these questions means a lot when purchasing window blinds or shades for your property. There are many pros and cons to each product, and it especially depends on your priorities.  

Most importantly we will explain the pros and cons of apartment blinds for your rentals.

Vertical Blinds are one the most affordable window coverings products on the market today. In the retail and residential area, many window treatment stores promote other products. They say that vertical blinds are a thing of the past, from the 1980’s and they look ugly compared to other high end products. I have also seen articles online on Apartment Therapy talking about how to cover up those ugly vertical blinds. 

I very would like to point out that vertical blinds is the most affordable window covering for apartment and rental owners. 

Reasons why Vertical Blinds are great for apartment owners

  • Affordable
  • Vertical vanes do not hold dust the way horizontal slats do
  • Longer lasting than horizontal mini blinds
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to Repair
  • If one slat breaks then replace one slat, not the entire blind.

Now lets talk about 

What is Faux Wood Blinds? 

A faux wood blind is a horizontal blind with a foam injected, extruded slat. It is meant to appear as if it is a white wood blinds. The faux wood blind had closer beam strength on each slate, therefore ladders will be closer together.

Why do I want to buy Faux Wood Blinds for my apartment?

  • They look great
  • Designer look
  • Ads curb appeal
  • Affordable price
  • Child Safe Cordless Design
  • ANSI Safety Standard compliant
  • Decorative valance included

Cordless Roller Shades

Roller Shades with the cordless operations is a child safe product that provides the clean stylish design of today’s modern home. Blind and Screen provides this product at an affordable price to the industry.

Cordless Cellular Shades

Cell Shades are great for doors. Many construction and property management install these shades on french doors and laundry room doors. This is a great product, especially when purchasing the top down bottom up feature on this shade. 

5 Types of window blinds to use on  your apartment building.

Top 10 types of apartment buildings

  • Luxury high rise apartment building
  • Townhome units
  • Loft units
  • Duplex or Triplex
  • Studio apartment
  • Multi bedroom apartments
  • Student housing
  • Military housing
  • Senior living
  • Subsidized housing

Order your blinds and shades for your apartment building

Installation Service

Welcome to our expert blinds and screens installation service in Los Angeles, led by Steve Tristan. Our team is dedicated to offering a range of products for home safety and comfort. We specialize in installing various screens, including energy-efficient options, ensuring safety and reduced costs. Our security screen doors are a testament to our quality. Plus, we repair and install blinds, shades, and shutters.

Elevate Your Apartment with Cordless Blinds and Shades from Blind and Screen

Transforming your apartment with the perfect set of blinds and shades has never been easier, thanks to Blind and Screen’s range of stylish and functional window treatments. Specializing in cordless solutions, Blind and Screen offers a variety of products designed to enhance privacy, control light, and add a modern touch to your living space. Whether you’re looking to outfit your windows, balcony, or patio, our selection of apartment blinds and shades has got you covered.

Introducing Our Cordless Collection

At Blind and Screen, we understand the importance of safety, convenience, and aesthetics. That’s why all our products are cordless, eliminating the risks associated with traditional corded blinds and providing a cleaner, more streamlined look. Our website, blindandscreen.com, showcases our commitment to quality and innovation in apartment window treatments. Here’s a closer look at our featured products:

  1. EZ Glide Vertical Blinds: Perfect for sliding doors and large windows, our EZ Glide Vertical Blinds offer ease of operation without compromising on style. Their cordless design ensures safety and a sleek appearance, making them an ideal choice for contemporary apartments.
  2. Faux Wood Blinds: Bring the warmth and elegance of wood into your apartment without the maintenance. Our Faux Wood Blinds are durable, moisture-resistant, and cordless, making them perfect for all areas of your apartment, including kitchens and bathrooms.
  3. Cellular Shades: Known for their energy efficiency, our Cellular Shades provide excellent insulation, helping to keep your apartment comfortable year-round. Their cordless design not only adds to their safety and aesthetic appeal but also makes them easy to use.
  4. Roller Shades: For a minimalist and modern look, our Roller Shades are the go-to option. These shades offer a clean, sleek design with the practicality of easy light control and privacy, all in a cordless format for added safety and convenience.
  5. Smart Roller Shades (Motorized): Embrace technology with our Smart Roller Shades. These motorized shades combine the convenience of cordless operation with the innovation of smart home compatibility, allowing you to control light and privacy with the touch of a button or through voice commands.

Why Choose Blind and Screen for Your Apartment?

  • Safety and Convenience: Our cordless designs eliminate the hazards of cords, making our blinds and shades safe for homes with children and pets, while also providing a tidy, uncluttered look.
  • Quality and Style: Each product in our collection is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, ensuring that your apartment not only looks great but also provides the comfort and privacy you need.
  • Easy Maintenance: Our blinds and shades are designed for ease of use and maintenance, allowing you to keep your living space looking pristine with minimal effort.
  • Customization: We understand that every apartment is unique. That’s why we offer customizable options to fit your specific windows and doors, ensuring a perfect fit and look for your space.

Transform Your Apartment Today

Elevate your apartment living experience with Blind and Screen’s range of cordless blinds and shades. Visit us at blindandscreen.com to explore our collection and find the perfect window treatments to complement your apartment’s style and needs. With our commitment to quality, safety, and design, you can rest assured that your apartment will look and feel exactly how you’ve always imagined.

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  1. It’s good to know that blinds are affordable and easy to install and repair. I just moved into a new apartment, and I want to make sure that my window will be covered just right to protect me from the sun, but also still let me see the beautiful scenery outside my window. Maybe I should find apartment window shades in my area and see which would fit best in my home.

  2. Thanks for also talking about the cordless options that could be opted for when getting apartment blinds. I’d like to find a provider of those because I’m thinking about getting new window treatments for my apartment. I think that will help a lot in improving the privacy of the place.

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