About Us

About us

We at BlindandScreen.com are here to serve our customers, each other, the community, and the world. Our ultimate mission is to change the world one person at time!  We firmly believe that looking from the inside out is our best way to provide the highest level of service.

We have reorganized our Customer Service Department to be known as our Service Department because that is what we are truly here to do. Our drivers and installers have been transformed into field service technicians. Including our field service technicians have the experience and tools to provide an enhanced service for properties during unit turns and renovations.  

We believe in life saving products.

Our vertical blinds are manufactured with a wand, eliminating the cord loop so that pets and children are safe. Over the years there have been some unfortunate accidents in which cord loops caused a child or pet to be harmed – even one as recent as 2016 the death of a 3 year old Utah child. We don’t want this to happen to any family which is why we have made saving lives the highest priority in our products. The wand replaces a cord making the product child safe. However we don’t stop just at vertical blinds when it comes to safety. Our new product line includes Cordless 2” Fauxwood blinds, Roller-Shades, and Cellular Shades for maximum safety.    

Another way that we help to protect lives is by providing quality window screens and sliding screen doors. As the West Nile virus makes its way to the Western and South Western part of the United States, our screen products can shield your home from pesky insects such as mosquitoes which carry the virus and other diseases.

We want our customers and their families to be safe in their homes and our window products are made with that in mind.

We believe in fast service.

About usOne of the ways that we look to make a difference is by specializing in the apartment market. Apartment managers and maintenance workers are tasked with the important responsibility of making sure that their units are tenant-ready in a quick fashion this is known in the industry as a “unit-turn.” By ensuring that that the apartment communities we service receive their orders in a fast and speedy time, we save our clients time and money and help their tenants have a new home they can start moving into.  

We believe in quality.

All our products are manufactured with care because we value our customers and want them to receive the best from us. By us manufacturing quality window coverings and screens, our customers save in the long run. For instance, our vertical blinds are made with a strong self-aligning system that allows users to realign blinds that are out of place. It’s a blind that can literally fix itself!

Let us be a blessing to you.

We will come out to your community to measure for typical unit floor plans so that you can easily order your sizes online.  We also provide on site training as well as videos online that can teach you how to measure and install our products. Call us or email us today!

BlindandScreen.com, changing the world one person at a time and one window at time.

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