How to install Fauxwood blinds

How to install Cordless Fauxwood Blinds

Simple tricks to install Cordless Fauxwood Blinds conveniently.

Fauxwood blinds are the most trending option when you think about window treatments. If you look something low cost for your rented apartment this window covering serves you the best in term of durability and beauty. The increasing popularity of Fauxwood Blinds is its long lasting and low cost than shutters. Additionally, fauxwood blinds are very easy to clean. It’s makes no sense to spend a lot of money on your window treatment. Furthermore the installation charge is more than the product itself sometimes. If someone can do the installation themselves it’s no doubt that a big money is going to save.

Steve Tristan, the window covering expert for years explains how to install a cordless fauxwood blinds very easily. While showing the method he always make it easy so people can follow them smoothly.

Installation Video

Instructions on how to install Cordless Fauxwood Blinds

  • On the window molding, this blind is installed as an outside mount or outside bracket
  • Before installing the bracket drill a pilot hole, screws are in the package.
  • Fauxwood blinds are child safe that complies with ANSI safety standards
  • Over the top head rail a decorative crown valance is installed.
  • Find all hardware’s in the package.
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