How to install Faux Wood Blinds Installation Video Tutorial – Inside Mount

You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to install faux wood blinds inside mount. In this video tutorial, we show you step-by-step how to install cordless faux wood blinds.

Steve Tristan shows us the professional way of how to install cordless fauxwood blinds on the inside of the window frame.

Before you get started installing be sure to use the right Tools for the job: Dewault Cordless Driver: 1/4 magnetic hex bit:

Step 1 – Take Blind and hardware out of packaging
Step 2 – Install the brackets
Step 3 – Mount Valance Clips to the headrail of the blind
Step 4 – Slide head rail into the left side bracket and then into the right side bracket. Close both brackets. Step 5 – Attached the wand to the wand control unit stem
Step 6 – Assemble the Crown Valance by adding corners and returns on
Step 7 – Attached valance to the valance clips
Step 8 – Test the shade. Pull the shade down by pulling down on the bottom rail. Rotate the wand to make sure the blind rotates both ways.

Installation available in Southern California

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