How to use a tape measure

A good measuring tape is one of the most important tools in the home improvement arsenal. It can be used to make the standard measurements that are needed for new purchases, or to ensure that existing items still meet the needs of your home, but there are also more unique ways to use it in your everyday life. By knowing how to use a tape measure in these different ways, you’ll have even more reasons to keep it on hand at all times!

Watch the video below on how to read a measuring tape with DIY Aidan and Steve

Steve Tristan helps DIY Aidan learn the basic skills on how to read the tape. Most notably he shows him how to measure a door opening for a swinging screen door. Steve says that showing his son how to do things around the house is very important because this day and age, many young people don’t know how to do things like unplug a toilet or even clean windows. Watch out for more videos from DIY Aidan.

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Look at what the measuring tape looks like


It’s always an important skill to know how to use measuring tape. Check out the quick video below on how to do it. Also use the images below as a reference.

NOTE: All blinds must be measured to the nearest Eighth of an inch. Screens to the Sixteenth of an inch.

Half inch location on diagram

Quarter Inch Locations on diagram

Eighth inch locations on diagram

Sixteenth of an Inch Location on diagram

3 Things You Should Never Do With A Tape Measure

  • Don’t drop it
  • Do not use if metal hook is bent
  • If broken or bent do not use the tape measure

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