Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Fauxwood Blinds

Child proof your home

The Cordless Faux Wood Blinds is the right choice for homes with children and pets. Its easy to use design lifts by gently lifting the bottom rail & wand tilt.

Included in the box

  • Cordless 2″ Faux Wood Blind
  • Color coordinated valance
  • Valance returns
  • End box brackets
  • Wand control
  • Mounting Screws & Hardware

Benefits and Features of a Faux Wood Blind

  • Better Light Control
  • Superior light control for the home.
  • Perfect product for Luxury Apartments, Condominiums and Houses.
  • No more dangerous dangling lift cords
  • Individually boxed
  • Ready to ship nationwide right to your door
  • Certified Best for Kids
  • Complies with current ANSI Safety Standard and the Consumer Product Safety Council.
  • Decorative coordinated color valance covers head rail

What’s a Cordless Faux Wood Blind?

The Cordless Faux Wood Blind is a child safe blind that no longer has exposed lift cords.   The cordless blind has cords internally through the slat that wind up to interior pullies into the head rail.  Raising the blind is simple. All you do is raise the bottom rail and it will lift up. Plus the same goes for when pulling the bottom rail which lowers the blind.

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    Cordless Fauxwood Blinds Child Safe

    Our 2” Cordless Horizontal Faux Wood Blinds are designed with a cordless lift and wand tilt that makes them child safe. These durable Faux Wood Blinds are warp resistant and water proof making them ideal for any location as well as easy to maintain. A hardwood look at a lower price.

    Child Safe Faux Wood Blinds

    Certified Best For Kids!  Complies with the new American National Standards Institute (ANSI) the most recent new window covering safety standard, effective on December 15, 2018.  It requires that a vast majority of window covering products sold in the United States and Canada to be cordless or have inaccessible or short cords.