Standard Size Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are an affordable way to add style and privacy to your windows. They come in many different sizes and styles.

Faux wood blinds are made from vinyl, which means that they’re easy to clean and maintain. They also come in many different colors and styles, so you can choose something that matches your home’s décor perfectly.

Various Designs & Colors

These blinds come in various designs and colors and they are available in different sizes as well. They are also very durable and long lasting. You can buy these blinds online and they will arrive at your doorstep within few days. They are available in different sizes and shapes. They are also very easy to install.

Select the right color and style

You can choose between different shades of brown, black, white, gray, and cream. If you want something more colorful, you can also select from red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and brown.

Measure the window width and height

There are several ways to install these blinds. You can hang them with hardware or use Velcro strips. You can also buy them ready made and attach them yourself. You need to measure the width and height of your window, you will need to take measurements using a tape measure. Make sure you measure the exact center of the window so you can make sure the blinds fit properly.

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