To get a bug-free and dust-free interior custom sliding screen doors are the best and easiest option to go for. At Blind and Screen we provide custom made patio door screens. We thrive to ensure the perfect fit sliding patio door screen. Standard patio doors screens widths are usually 30″, 36″ and 48″. All the different widths and heights are customizable at Blind and Screen. Sliding patio door screen costs between $99 to $300 depending on their quality. The frames, mesh, latch and rollers makes the key difference in the quality.

There are so many types of screen or mesh available in market. However the most popular and reasonable price mesh is Standard Fiberglass mesh. The most strongest mesh is Tuff Screen which gives you the guarantee not to tear easily. Pet Screen is another kind of mesh which is being very popular now a days. It’s made in a way so the pets or animals in the house cant rip them off or scratch them. Aluminum screens are being less popular this days as it’s difficult to install.

The frame is the most important part of the screen door. The strength and the price range varies for the frame of the screen doors. Some frames are roll formed and some frames are made with extruded steel. The roll formed frames are less strong and has a chance to bend easily whereas the extruded steel frames are sturdy and made for long lasting. The frame thickness is also important, some frames are thicker than others.

Rollers or wheels are also important for a sliding screen door.

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