Sliding Screen Doors

Sliding Screen Doors by Blind and Screen: The Perfect Fit Every Time!

Attention maintenance and facilities teams: Are you tired of endlessly searching for the right-sized sliding screen door? Frustrated with the flimsy quality of those adjustable ones that just never seem to last? We hear you.

At Blind and Screen, we’ve revolutionized sliding screen doors. No more one-size-fits-all approaches or settling for subpar materials. Our doors are custom-made to your exact specifications, ensuring a seamless fit and hassle-free installation. Experience the blend of quality and convenience with our durable, tailor-made sliding screen doors that are designed to last and a breeze to install.

Tailored Precision for Maintenance and Facilities Teams

In today’s fast-paced property management world, maintenance and facilities teams are often burdened with the challenge of sourcing reliable, high-quality components. Among these, finding the right sliding screen door can often become an unexpected headache. From mismatched sizes to shoddy craftsmanship, the market is riddled with substandard products. Enter Blind and Screen, a beacon of hope in this scenario.

A Common Challenge

Many facilities teams recount tales of woe when dealing with sliding screen doors. The common problem? A lack of standardization in door sizes. This results in countless hours wasted searching for the ‘just right’ fit and often settling for something that’s close but not perfect.

The Adjustable Door Problem

The market solution? Adjustable sliding screen doors. But as any seasoned professional will attest, they’re hardly the answer. Their inherent design makes them susceptible to warping and wear over time. The result? A seemingly endless cycle of replacements, which is neither cost-effective nor efficient.

The Blind and Screen Difference

Blind and Screen is acutely aware of these challenges and has crafted a solution that speaks directly to the needs of maintenance and facilities professionals. Our screens aren’t just products; they’re answers to real-world problems.

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