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The Standard in Child Safe Blinds

This is a set of requirements that aim to prevent deaths and serious injuries from strangulation caused by window covering cords. Child safe blinds are window coverings that do not have cords or other hazards that could pose a risk of strangulation or suffocation to young children. These are also pet-safe!

They are becoming more popular among homeowners who want a safer, simpler, and sleeker option for their windows.

Blindandscreen only offers these types of blinds. We are committed to the safety standard in the United States.

Safety- Cordless blinds eliminate the risk of strangulation from loose, dangling cords which can be high risk for children and pets.

Style- Cordless blinds give the window a clean and modern look.

Easy- They’re easy to operate, they don’t require any force or a certain angle to operate.

Cleaning- Dust off with a cloth or vacuum cleaner. Do not scrub, but instead spot clean any stains with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Let them fully dry.

You should measure your windows carefully to ensure that you get the right fit for your cordless blinds.

The importance of cordless blinds cannot be overstated, as they can prevent these tragic and avoidable deaths and injuries. These safety blinds are designed to eliminate or reduce the access to cords or other parts that could entangle or choke a child.

Affordable, safe and a variety of colors and textures, the best combination for your window treatments.

Take a look at our cordless child safe blinds

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