how to measure for a sliding screen door

how to measure for a sliding screen door

How to measure an Economy Sliding Screen Door

The most common widths are 36″ & 48″.  The most variation on how to measure a sliding screen door and the most critical measurement is the height!

Also, always use a heavy duty measuring tape with a blade width of minimum 1 Inch.  Typical Blade Material Steel, Case Type Closed, Graduations 1/16 In.  Stanley lock 25 ft. “the old diehard contractors tape” would do just fine and the way  I personally use and prefer a Stanley Fat Max 25 ft!!  Since it works great for large window and door openings.

Always use 1″ minimum width tape measure.

Step by step process

  • Measure the width.
  • Most common widths are 36″ and 48″
  • Measure the height.
  • Set your tape measure on the top of the bottom track
  • Measure upward at the bottom lip of the U-Channel.
  • Add a quarter inch 1/4″ to your measurement.
There are few things you needs to make sure before taking measurements from an existing sliding screen door. Instructions below.

1. Make sure the frame is not bent. Measurement from a bent frame will definitely not work. It’ll make our work questionable even though its not our fault. The door will not slide smoothly on the track. Please try to notice if there is any bent on any side of the frame both width and height.

2. Make sure you measure with Stanley Fatmax tape measure. Its the primary go-to for many professionals, FatMax is probably the most accurate and durable measuring tape of its kind on the market. Always use 1 inch Stanley Fatmax tape measure which works great on large window and door opening.

Step 1: Measure the width: Measure the top or the bottom frame. Do not measure from the middle at older doors may be both.

Step 2: Measure the left or right side frame.

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