how to measure window screens

how to measure window screens

Learn how to measure window screens. The DIY way to accurately get screen measurements for windows.

  • The first is when you have the old screen available.
  • The second is measuring the window frame channel, which may require additional knowledge. Especially on how to read a tape measure.

If your existing window screens have at least one side of the width and of the height not bent. Then you can easily measure your replacement screen by measuring the existing window screen.

Measure and write down the width by length.  Verify which type of window you have and determine the thickness of screen frame you need.

Determine if you need tension springs and or pull tabs. Also determine if you need them installed on the side or top / bottom.  Pull tabs generally go on the opposite side of the springs. Some window screen have only pull tabs and no tension springs.

Most noteworthy, keep note that in many homes the window screens sizes will vary from window to window.

How do I determine which screen frame thickness to use?

On the website our window screen products include a description which explains if that type of window it can be installed into.

  • 5/16″ Frame – Vinyl Windows
  • 3/8″ Frame – Aluminum Windows
  • 7/16″ Frame – Wood Framed Windows “Jiffy hangers are needed to install.”

Window screens are easy to clean and maintain. Simple remove them, vacuum them first, then using mild dish soap gently scrub them. Using a hose with a gentle spray, rinse them well. Dab them with thick towels and lay them to dry before reinstalling.

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