how to vertical blinds installation

how to vertical blinds installation

Learn how to install inside mount vertical blinds in an apartment rental unit. Steve Tristan shows us how to install a wand operated cordless vertical blind. Can you believe it? In only 3 minutes! He explains on YouTube. “This video was shot in real time” and unscripted. Therefore, If he can do it in 3 minutes then you can do it in 5 minutes.” Give it a try yourself and order your vertical blinds here today. how to vertical blinds installation

Step by Step Instructions on How to Install Inside Mount Vertical Blinds without a valance

  1. Open the box, remove head rails, vanes, and hardware from the box.
  2. Take the mounting clips align it with the front corner bead or desire location.
    1. (Note: You will need the center hold screw to be a minimum of 2 inches from the window)
    2. With your cordless drill and 1/4 driver bit, screw the 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ hex screw through the center slot into and drive it into the drywall. Sometimes you may hit metal from the corner bead. If this is the case you may need to drill a pilot hole with a 1/8″ drill bit or smaller.
    3. Fasten each bracket until tight. “Do Not over tighten” The thumb tab should be facing towards the back.
  3. Then install the head rail by sliding the front of the top channel into the groove of the front of the mounting clip. Then click the back portion into the rear area near the thumb tab of the clip.
  4. Once the head rail is mounted; install one vane at a time.
    1. (Tip: hold the entire stack or partial up near the top by the carrier stems)
    2. Click each vane into the carrier stems. Face the curved to your preference.
  5. Test the Vertical Blind that it operates by pulling the wands across left and right to traverse. Then turn the wand to rotate. Moreover be sure that none of the vanes are crossed.

Special Note: Vanes are the slats. The slat design is for horizontal blinds and vanes are for vertical blinds. We have had people call them many things. I have heard them called slats, strips, fans, feathers, hanging things, arms, and even leaves.

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