insect screen

insect screen

The history of mosquito control and window screens

Window screens help reduce mosquito malaria.  Recently I have become very concerned with home owners and renters!  They have made a senseless decision to remove their window screens from their homes or apartment building windows. Just to save a couple of bucks!  Don’t they know that window screens save lives? Here I will explain how the history of mosquito control and window screens have saved many lives. Insect screen is highly important.

You may ask: why am I so concerned with this?  Let me state that insect screen will facilitate in saving many lives!  Window screens serve as a crucial function!  Let me share a couple of things that I actually discovered in my analysis.  It all has to do with flying insects (primarily mosquitoes) and the diseases they carry. For example diseases like the Zika Virus, Malaria, & West Nile Virus.

Buy Quality Screens

Lastly, we suggest buying quality screens! As a matter of fact you can look at our great selection. By having screens on your doors and windows you can block pests from entering your home. That doesn’t only include mosquitoes but pesky flies that like to land on your food at the worst of moments. Screens, sold at an affordable price, allow you to enjoy a breeze without the worry of pests. Screens protect! Do not remove your window screens, inspect them yearly and replace them as needed if damaged or having any holes.

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