Privacy Screen

Are you sick of people being able to look into your windows and invading your privacy? Need a privacy screen? Standard fiberglass screen is the most common type of window screen, however, it does not offer much privacy.

There are several types of mesh screening available and each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

  • Fiberglass mesh: Fiberglass mesh is the most common type of mesh screening used for doors. It is affordable, durable, and easy to install. Fiberglass mesh is also resistant to UV rays and moisture, making it a good choice for areas with harsh weather conditions.

  • Pet mesh: Pet mesh is a type of fiberglass mesh that is designed to withstand the claws of pets. It is more durable than standard fiberglass mesh and is less likely to tear or puncture. However, pet mesh is more expensive than standard fiberglass mesh. These are a better privacy screen.

  • Solar screen: Solar screen is a type of mesh screening that is designed to block out the sun’s rays. It has great use as a privacy screen. It can also help to reduce heat gain in your home and can also protect your furniture from fading.

Do your research to compare prices of privacy screens. Checking out product reviews and researching different brands is also a great way to ensure that you get the best quality materials for your particular needs. Be sure to find out the longevity of any material you’re interested in, as some materials may need to be replaced more often than others.

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