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1″ Spacer

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1″ Spacer


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A 1 “spacer for blinds is a small, typically plastic block that is used to create space between the blinds and the mounting surface. This can be necessary for a few reasons:

  • Window trim: If your blinds are being mounted inside the window frame, and you have window trim, you may need spacers to prevent the blinds from hitting the trim. This will ensure that the blinds operate smoothly and do not get damaged.
  • Window cranks or door handles: If you have window cranks or door handles that protrude from the window frame, you may also need spacers to prevent the blinds from hitting them.
  • Uneven window molding: If your window molding is uneven, spacers can be used to level out the blinds and give them a more finished look.

Spacers for blinds are typically easy to install. They simply need to be inserted between the blinds and the mounting surface, and then secured in place with screws or nails.

  • Make sure that the spacers are level. This will ensure that the blinds hang straight.
  • Use the correct size screws or nails for the spacers and the mounting surface.
  • Be careful not to overtighten the screws or nails, as this can damage the spacers.
  • If you are mounting the blinds inside the window frame, make sure that the spacers do not interfere with the operation of the window.

Here are some of the benefits of using spacers for blinds:

  • Prevents damage to blinds: Spacers can help to prevent damage to your blinds by preventing them from hitting window trim, cranks, handles, or other objects.
  • Improves operation: Spacers can also improve the operation of your blinds by ensuring that they have enough clearance to operate smoothly.
  • Gives a more finished look: Spacers can help to give your blinds a more finished look by leveling them out and eliminating any gaps between the blinds and the mounting surface.


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