Alum-a-Lub Lubricating Cleaner


Alum-a-Lub Lubricating Cleaner

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Alum-a-Lub Lubricating Cleaner

The amazing spray on oil with “Silicone” since 1995 cleans and lubricates sliding screen doors, sliding windows, crank style windows, sliding glass doors, power tools and in hard to get places around the house, the job site and the work shop. Perfect for sliding screen door wheels and bottom tracks and top channels.

Above all, Alum-a-Lub is well known, for its distinct pleasant banana aroma.  Huh, really?  No monkeying around, Its smells like Bananas!

lubricate sliding screen doors with alum-a-lub lubricating cleaner

What application can I use Alum A Lub lubricating cleaner?

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Condominiums
  • Hospitals/Nursing Homes
  • Schools
  • Correctional Institutions
  • Sporting Goods
  • Automotive Industry
  • Amusement Park Maintenance
  • Large Farm Equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Marine
  • Railroad

Most importantly, Alum-a-Lub never leaves a gummy build-up. Subsequently, Alum-a-Lub cleans up dirt and grime caused by the elements that other lubricants just cannot penetrate.

First of all, this product is a three-in-one product that lubricates, cleans and protects. Being in the market since 1955, it’s well proven to a better job then most lubricants.

It cleans up grime that other lubricants cannot penetrate.  Never leaves a gummy build up.

It was formulated for the metal window and door industry and is supplied a multitude of industries. Including: window and door, garage doors, sporting goods, apartments, condominiums, hospitals, auto industry, lumber and machine shops.

Alum-a-Lub, the silicone lubricant can and will lubricate and make things look like new such as……

Especially Aluminum windows, vinyl windows, and sliding glass doors.  Also, door hinges, locks, gate hinges, clocks, firearms, fishing reels, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, roller skates, file cabinets, desk drawers.  As well as other repair items like casters, swivel chairs, drapery rods, window blinds, power saws, drills, tools, springs, sprockets.  Lastly, ratchets, sliding shower doors, patio sliding doors, hospital beds, carts, wheel chairs, lawn mowers, snow shovels and more.


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