Exclusive Cordless 5% Solar Protection Roller Shade

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Exclusive Cordless 5% Solar Protection Roller Shade

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Introducing our 5% Solar Protection Cordless Roller Shades: custom-made to fit any window size. USA Factory-direct and delivered straight to your door, these shades are built for precision and convenience. Ideal for apartment maintenance, ensuring consistent quality across units. Simplify sunlight management with durable, easy-to-install shades.

Exclusive 5% Cordless Solar Protection Roller Shade – Exclusively on BlindAndScreen.com

Discover our Exclusive 5% Solar Protection Cordless Roller Shades, tailored for office buildings, storefronts, and apartment complexes. These shades offer a balance, allowing visibility while maintaining daytime privacy. Proudly made in the USA and available for nationwide shipping. Ideal for businesses and residences alike, they provide reliable solar protection. Beyond adhering to strict safety standards, they enhance the professional and simple design appeal of any space. Opt for our cordless roller shades and achieve a sleek, modern look for both commercial and residential settings. From office windows to storefront displays, these shades create a unified, contemporary appearance, seamlessly blending the inside with the outside.

For those with sliding glass doors, our designs offer a sleek solution, ensuring privacy while allowing just the right amount of sunlight. Inside the home, our bedroom roller shades promise a tranquil ambiance, while the roller shades for doors provide a cohesive look throughout your living space.

Color Collection Cordless 5% Solar Protection Roller Shade

Roller Shades: The Ideal Choice for Every Window and Door in Your Residence

Bay windows, often a centerpiece in a room, can be adorned with our specifically designed roller shades for bay windows, accentuating their unique charm. With customization options available, homeowners can select from a range of materials including our durable roller shades vinyl. For those keen on balancing sunlight with visibility, our screen window shades are a stellar choice. They provide a filtered view of the outside, while our sunscreen shades and solar screen shades go a step further, offering protection against UV rays without compromising on natural light. Discover and learn about our collection and experience the union of style, privacy, and sun protection.

Color Swatches 1%

Transform the look and utility of your interiors with our cordless roller shades. Crafted for versatility, they’re perfect for every pocket of your abode:

  • Patio Brilliance: Our roller shades for patio and roller shades on patio doors provide the perfect blend of privacy and sunlight control. Whether you’re entertaining or relaxing, these shades can set the right mood. Plus, with our exclusive roller shades for sliding glass doors, seamlessly integrate style and utility to your indoor-outdoor transitions.
  • Interior Excellence: For interior doors, our roller shades on doors are a sleek, modern choice. Transform your bedroom with our bedroom roller shades, offering a serene environment for restful sleep. Got bay windows? Our roller shades bay window collection will highlight their unique architecture.
  • Material & Design Choices: Choose from roller shades custom designs or pick our robust roller shades vinyl collection. Every shade is cordless, ensuring a clean look with child-safe and pet-safe environment.
  • Sun & Screen Dual Functionality: Introducing our screen shades and screen window shades – the optimal choice for spaces where you want filtered sunlight without compromising on the view. Looking for more advanced sun protection? Our sunscreen shades and solar screen shades ensure that harmful UV rays stay out while allowing soft, filtered light in.

Step into the look of modern home decor with our comprehensive range of cordless window shades. Whether you’re shielding against the sun, enhancing privacy, or improving the look of spaces, our collection promises a perfect fit.

Technical Specifications:

  • Technical Specifications for the Cordless 5% Solar Protection Roller Shade:

    Material: Crafted from a high-quality polyester blend, these shades are both durable and finished to perfection.

    5% Colors Collection: Choose from a refined color palette that includes White, Fawn, Grey, Charcoal, Beige, Black, Sand, and Shadow. Each hue is designed to beautifully match a variety of interior aesthetics.

    Visibility & Protection: Though they allow a 5% sunlight penetration for a clearer view through, these shades still offer excellent UV protection and help in regulating indoor temperatures.

    Hardware Included:
    • Screws for a firm installation.
    • Robust mounting brackets to keep your shades perfectly aligned.
    • Wall anchors to provide additional support.
    • A cordless mechanism ensuring smooth and effortless operation.

    Closure Type: The streamlined cordless design promotes not only aesthetics but also safety, making it an excellent choice for spaces frequented by children and pets.

    Mounting Type: Whether you prefer mounting inside the window frame or opting for an outside mount on the wall or molding, these shades offer the flexibility to suit your preference.

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Additional Features & Benefits:
  • Safety Standards: Our shades comply with all ANSI safety protocols and have the endorsement of the Window Covering Safety Council, guaranteeing a safe environment for all users.
  • Child-Safe Design: With the absence of cords, parents can be at ease knowing their little ones are safe from potential hazards.
  • Superior Hold: The robust top rail ensures the shade’s end remains in place. Coupled with brackets that attach seamlessly to the top rail, the shades stay sturdy and wrinkle-free.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: These shades are a match made in heaven for modern apartments, reflecting contemporary elegance while ensuring practicality.

Nationwide Shipping: Proudly produced in the USA, we deliver these shades to every corner of the nation, bringing style and protection right to your doorstep.


Measuring & Ordering Instructions

Measuring Inside versus Outside Mount Window Coverings

About the 5% Solar Roller Shade:

Solar Screening with Clarity: Constructed from sturdy and easy-to-maintain polyester, this shade is ideal for areas with high sun exposure, such as kitchens. While it provides essential UV protection, reduces glare, and prevents furniture and carpets from fading, its 5% openness ensures a clear view without compromising on interior protection.

Flexible Installation: Setting up our cordless roller shades is straightforward. They’re designed for both inside and outside window frame installations. Note: This variant doesn’t come with a valance or cassette. Explore our storefront for cassette variants.

Accurate Size Adjustments: We account for a precise fit by automatically deducting 1/4 inch from the width you provide. For instance, a 34-inch width order will arrive as 33 3/4 inches wide.

Measurement Guidance: For an inside mount, order the exact width of the frame. For outside mounts, add an extra 3-4 inches to the width. Ensure the mounting brackets are placed on a level surface, and there’s at least a 1-inch depth for inside mounts.

Tailored to Your Needs: Require a specific dimension? Select the closest size available and send us your exact measurements. Our team will customize the shades to your preference.


What is the difference between Inside Mount & Outside Mount Roller Shades?

Let try my best to explain with pictures. Click each image for larger view.

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Learn How to Install a Cordless 5% Solar Protection Roller Shade

See our how to install page

Learn How To Operate & Adjust Your New Cordless Roller Shade

Learn how to operate your new cordless roller shade
You can do it too!

Care Instructions

General Care:

  1. Handling: Always operate the shade using the bottom hem bar. Avoid pulling on the fabric directly to prevent unnecessary stretching or damage.
  2. Light Cleaning: Dust regularly with a feather duster or a soft, lint-free cloth to maintain the fresh appearance and prevent buildup.

Deep Cleaning:

  1. Vacuuming: Use a hand-held vacuum with a low suction setting and an upholstery attachment. Gently vacuum the shade from top to bottom, paying particular attention to the seams.
  2. Spot Cleaning:
    • Mix a mild detergent with lukewarm water.
    • Dampen a soft white cloth or sponge with the mixture.
    • Gently blot the stain without rubbing.
    • Remove any soap residue by blotting with a cloth dampened with clean water.
    • Allow the shade to air dry completely before raising.
  3. Do Not:
    • Submerge the shade in water.
    • Use harsh chemicals, bleaching agents, or abrasive cleansers.
    • Scrub or apply excessive force, as it may damage the fabric or structure.

Safety and Storage:

  1. Storage: If you need to store your roller shades for any reason, roll them up fully and store them in a dry place, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  2. Safety: Keep cords, chains, or any small parts out of the reach of children and pets to prevent any potential harm.
  3. Maintenance: Check the mechanism periodically. If the shade seems to operate with difficulty or not smoothly, consult with the manufacturer or a specialist.

General Tips:

  • The 1% openness of these shades means they block out 99% of UV rays, offering protection for your furniture and flooring from fading. However, be aware that they will also limit visibility through the shade.
  • To maintain uniformity and prevent uneven wear, regularly alternate the heights at which you keep your shades if they’re not being used to cover windows continuously.

By adhering to these care instructions, you can ensure a longer lifespan for your 1% cordless roller shades. Meanwhile maintaining their beauty and functionality.


Special Shipping Instructions:

Shipping prices for Cordless Rollers Shades are for some locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah, but not in rural areas, as defined by trucking companies.  Rural areas will be shipped partially assembled plus are defined by shipping companies and other states will be shipped Unassembled.

Consumer takes full responsibility for measurements and installation. We recommend that you use a handyman service to install if you do not have the tools or confidence to do it yourself. Blind And Screen is not responsible for consumer measuring mistakes.

All Products Are Custom Made To Size, please allow a minimum 7 to 10 business days production lead time.

More importantly, some products may take more time during peak seasons, allow 10 to 15 business days production lead time.


Visit the Terms and Conditions page. By purchasing from the Blind And Screen website the Buyer agrees to all Terms of Sale. As well as by using this website customer agrees to the Terms of Use.

5% Color Collection:

Grey, White, Charcoal, Beige, Fawn, Black, Sand, Shadow


IB – Inside Mount (in window frame) Factory to take deductions, OB – Outside Mount (Wall Mount) Exact Outside Measurement


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