$99.99 Price Excluding Sales Tax installation service is done by local installers and handyman. The size of the job and what type of project will determine who we assign to your job. Service charge is for installer to come out and does not include additional charges for per unit item installation, high access ladder fees, additional man on the job, etc. Blind and Screen reserves the right to adjust price depending on job and prices are subject to change without notice.


Get Professional Installation From for Your Home or Office in Las Vegas

Enhance the look and feel of your home or office spaces with’s expert installation service. Meanwhile we have teams local in the Las Vegas area. Certainly we offer custom-made window treatments to window screens and screen door installation plus more. In addition, our experienced technicians will have your window and door coverings looking its best in no time. Above all take advantage of their top-notch service now and upgrade your space today!


Choose the Perfect Blinds & Screens for Your Space.

With a wide variety of styles and finishes to choose from, makes it easy to find the perfect blinds and screens for your space. Whether you’re looking for blackout shades or window blinds, they have a product that fits your taste and your budget. Their experienced installers will take the time to measure your windows and ensure accuracy when installing. Get the look you always wanted with now!


Get Professional Guidance & Assistance.’s team of experienced professionals provide professional help you choose the best product to suit your needs. They offer top notch advice on designing with color, texture, and pattern while respecting your budgetary needs. With their guidance, you can make informed decisions that will have a great impact on the look and feel of your living space. Make sure you get the results you want by calling today!


Enjoy Professional Installation at an Affordable Price. offers professional installation services for a wide range of window coverings and screening products. All at an affordable price. Their experienced installers know exactly how to achieve the perfect fit for each product and room size. You can trust that your blinds or screens will be perfectly hung with professional-grade results. Call to get your window treatments installed today!


Schedule a Suitable Time for Installation with Our Team. can work with any schedule to ensure that the installation of your chosen window coverings or screens is done quickly, efficiently and in a timely manner. Our team is always willing to find the best time for you and our experienced installers will make sure that everything is finished on time. So don’t wait anymore – get in touch with our team today and let us take care of all your window treatments installation needs!


Receive Comprehensive Instructions on Usage and Care Tips.

Every manufacturer provides detailed instructions for use and care tips to help when installing blinds or screens. Our experts will provide you tips on how to operate and take care of your window coverings or screens.

We also offer regular maintenance and repair services that will keep your window coverings in great condition and looking their best!



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