Plastic Roller Tool for screening


Plastic Roller Tool for screening

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Plastic Roller Tool for Screening

Plastic Roller Tool for Screening.  Spline your window screens easily with Best Custom Screens Plastic Roller Too for Screening.  Use this tool to attach fiberglass screening to window screens and sliding screen doors.  Its a great option when purchasing the Unassembled Economy Sliding Screen Door and Unassembled Window Screens.

The Combination Nylon Wheel Screen and Spline Roller is a tool for us in a shop or for a handyman.  Use the round roller to roll screening into the channel of the aluminum frame. The concave roller is used to press and roll spline into the channel over the screening to hold it into place.



  • Featuring both a round edge and concave edge nylon rollers mounted in lightweight plastic handle.
  • Light weight hollow handle.
  • Striking red color is highly visible and easy to find in a tool box, workbench, or shop.
  • Use on repairs and for re-screening.
  • Works with vinyl serrated or smooth spline, as well as foam spline.
  • Can be used on aluminum and wood frames.
plastic rolling tool
plastic rolling tool

History of spline rolling tool

Rolling spline tool (also known as a “spline roller”) looks like a dulled version of a pizza cutter.  It originally came from something very different.

In the early 1920’s a gentleman by the name of Julius Alexander Muhlberg was co-owner of the company called Winchester and Muhlberg.  Julius was an innovator.  He took another tool’s handle, drilled a hole in the center of a silver dollar, and attached them together with a nut and bolt.

He found it to be much quicker way to insert screening into the sides of a wood frame rather than nailing the screen into the frames.  The original tool was an inspiration that makes us screeners jobs an easier one today.  Just imagine if we didn’t have our spline rolling tool?

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  1. Place screen material over the frame, extending beyond the screen retainer groove on the top and one side at least 1/2″.
  2. Hold wire steady and use round edge wheel on installation tool to roll the screen cloth into a “U” shape in in the retainer groove on these two sides.
  3. Starting at corner, push the retainer into the channel using the bevel or concave edge wheel on installation tool. Work in one direction, using light, short strokes.
  4. Pull screening slightly from the corner you are moving towards making sure the screen mesh lays straight along the channel.
  5. With a sharp shop knife, razor blade or scissors, cut screen mash to fit remaining two sides as in step one. Inert screen mesh into groove and follow with retainer spline as above.
  6. Any wrinkle in screening may be corrected by removing spline.
  7. When retainer is snugly in place on all sides, cut off excess screening and   spline.

NOTE: Take care not to bow in aluminum frame by over stretching screen cloth.



  1. Lay new screening over the frame, extending beyond screen retainer groove on the top and one side by 1/8″ to 1/4″.
  2. Hold wire steady and roll in top EDGE of screen with  round edge wheel of installation tool. Make sure wire is completely into grove with no access extending out of retainer groove.
  3. Determine length of screening required, cut to size and repeat step one at bottom edge,  to insure heat,  even installation at the corners, cut the screening across the outside corner of  retainer groove at 45″ angle.
  4. Now repeat process on both sides. Make sure screening is firmly in position.
  5. Starting at a corner, push retainer spline into channel using bevel or concave edge wheel  on installation tool, Short even strokes work best.
  6. After inserting spline on all four sides, trim off loose wire strands and excess spline

NOTE: Take care not to bow in aluminum frame by over stretching screen cloth.


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