The little secret that vertical blind companies don’t want you to know about

vertical blindVanes have a tendency to break at the punch-hole that attaches to the headrail, causing apartment communities to order replacements in mass quantities. This is good for vertical blind companies because it’s continual repeat business, but bad for apartments operating on tight budgets. What if I were to tell you that you didn’t have to replace PVC vanes every time they break at the top?

Vane Savers are small plastic or metal pieces that clip on to a broken vane, allowing for it to be attached to a vertical blind headrail. Many companies know about this item but refuse to tell their customers about it because they can make more of a profit by supplying new replacement vanes. By that logic, we shouldn’t be telling you about it as well, however we’re a company that’s sympathetic to the needs of the customers we service. We’ve had customers literally tell us how thankful they are for bringing this item to their attention and how handy these vane savers have been to their maintenance staff.

Vane Savers are affordable, easily slashing costs in ever growing budgets, and you too will be thankful of being made aware of this wonderful product. You can purchase

them today on our website at or by calling us at 800-341-9054.

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