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Top 5 reasons to buy faux wood blinds above any other window treatments.

The most noticeable part of the room is not the furniture but the windows. Especially these days when window play such an important role in the architectural design of a home. Architects add more openings to allow light into living spaces. It has been proven that sunlight is both amazing for the body and our mental health, as well as it can be harmful when we are overexposed to it. That’s where maximum light control is needed. Window blinds give the ultimate protection to skin and furniture’s

Our best choice is the horizontal Faux Wood Blind. Fauxwood blinds are stylish and provides horizontal light control by turning the wand, it will rotate the slats. The Blind can even be lifted up to allow the most amount into a room. 2 inch Faux Wood Blinds are unbeatable in terms of quality, durability, privacy and insulation from the heat. They look great and stands out from other standard horizontal window blinds. Faux Wood Blinds are becoming so popular as it provides competitive price comparing real wood blinds.

Today’s Faux Wood Blinds comes in different colors and slats have up to a 2000 UV rating, which holds up very well in the extreme temperatures of the window. Another reason of high demand of Faux Wood Blinds is that they are warp resistant and suit in high moisture rooms like bathrooms. 

So let’s take a short look on the key characteristic of Fauxwood blinds

1. No matter what style or design you choose from a variety of Fauxwood blind it’ll definitely going to be the major feature in your interior decoration. Over and above they are brilliant in keeping privacy and sunrays out as well.

2. Faux blinds are super water resistant thus one can easily install them in bathroom, kitchen, laundry or anywhere something needed moisture resistant.

3. Above all the main reason behind the popularity of Fauxwood blind is its money saving. It’s definitely low cost than real wood blinds but serve almost all what wood blind does.

4. Todays Fauxwood blinds are cordless, this blind can be raised or lowered very easily. The top notch technology in window treatment industry makes this happen.

5. Fauxwood blinds are very convenient to clean. It can be easily washed with water whereas the real wood blinds are not water resistant. For better understanding please go through our cleaning tips regarding cleaning blinds.

We have seen all the good about fauxwood blind but cords of blinds are a curse for us. Over a period of 26years nearly 17000 children were treated in emergency room and 271 were died by entangled with blind cord.

Thus the US government has banned window blind cords in response of toddler injuries.

BlindandScreen.com is announcing that they are making the full switch to cordless window coverings ahead of the January

2019 mandated deadline. From horizontal to vertical blinds, all products made by the company will be child safe ensuring

that lives will be protected and businesses such as apartment complexes won’t have to worry about lawsuits in relation to window covering hazards.

For more information on cordless products visit blindandscreen.com call us at 1-800-341-9054 or email the company at blindandscreen@gmail.com

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