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Top 7 Window Treatments for apartments that your manager doesn’t want you to hang in the window.

I have been serving the property management / apartment industry for over 30 years now. I have personally seen many odd things happen at properties and some pretty unique people as well. Some times residents do some crazy things. Personally I have seen things that I wish I hadn’t seen. I have visited properties six different states and there is also one or two where the tenant puts up something different in their windows. Even if they have a blinds, they still put something behind it. Below is a my list of “fake blinds” the Top 7 Window Treatments for apartments that your manager doesn’t want you to hang in the window. Remember I have witnessed these items myself while traveling to apartments to measure or meet with the team.

7 of the most crazy window treatments for apartments I have ever seen

The following is a list of so-called DIY ways of covering your bare windows in your apartment unit. This is not a recommendation to do this but an example of things I have seen in the field while installing. 

  1. Newspaper
  2. Aluminum Foil
  3. Your Sheets
  4. A clothes line with your clothes hanging in the window
  5. Painting the glass
  6. Egg Cartons
  7. Inappropriate posters


Do not use newspaper as blinds
Newspaper on glass window looks classically ugly

Are you reading the headlines from your window? What are you doing? Crazy people don’t want to live like a goldfish then get some blinds installed. No reason to put newspaper onto your windows. How’d you get it up there anyhow? With tape? The #1 worse Window Treatments for apartments is newspaper.

Aluminum Foil

tin foil apartment windows

What are you cooking? I usually use aluminum foil when making hamburgers in the Barbeque. It is generally not a good idea to hang aluminum foil in your window as a blind. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Durability: Aluminum foil is not a durable material and is prone to tearing and crinkling. It is not likely to last long as a window treatment.
  2. Appearance: Aluminum foil is not a visually appealing material and may not enhance the appearance of your window or room.
  3. Safety: Hanging aluminum foil in your window could pose a fire hazard if it comes into contact with a heat source, such as a candle or heater.
  4. Privacy: Aluminum foil is not a good choice for privacy because it is not a solid material and light can easily pass through it.

Your Bed Sheets at not Window Treatments for Apartments

Don't hang bed sheets on the windows. Keep them on the bed.
Don’t hang bed sheets on the window. It’s a window treatment. Buy new blinds.

Aren’t your sheets supposed to be on your bed? What are you sleep on? Is your bed clean now? I can tell you my opinion: Once you have slept in that bed then the mattress has absorbed your body fluids into it and it’ll never come out. Sheets are meant to remain on your bed. Don’t use them as a Window Treatments for apartments.

A clothes line

Hanging clothes in the window frame is not good for an apartment building owner

Really? Seriously? This one is extra special. I saw in the area of the famously known South Central Los Angeles. It reminded me of apartment buildings back in the day in New York. You know like a hundred years ago. Doesn’t your building have a washer and dryer? Why are you showing the world you unmentionables in your window frame? You do know that glass is see through? 

I am sorry if I am being facetious but I guess this topic has really bugged me for years. 

Painting the glass

Attn Artists Do not paint your windows

Now that’s just destruction of property. You do realize now that the management company is going to charge you to replace that window? 

Egg Cartons

I have only seen this in the projects. Man you must eat a lot of eggs. Do you? Hang a towel at least. But egg cartons. How many eggs did you eat to cover this window?

Mainly I have seen this in kitchen windows. I guess that’s an area where you can easily leave an egg carton. I wonder if they smell? Ugh! I don’t even want to think about it.

Egg Cartons do NOT make good window treatments
Egg Cartons work as window coverings but not a good look

Inappropriate posters

Now this one really pissed me off! Oops did I just really say that? I guess I did. Doesn’t anyone have any dignity anymore. Nude pin up girls and exposing it to the world is downright immature and deranged. Remember there are children living nearby and elderly people. Not to mention are your parents coming to visit anytime soon? This is not the Window Treatments for apartments.

Posters in windows

Be Smart

In closing, be smart. Contact your manager for matching window coverings with the building or contact a window coverings supplier to help you get some low cost usable blinds installed. 

There are many other window treatment options that may be more suitable for your needs. It is always a good idea to consider factors such as durability, appearance, safety, and privacy when selecting window treatments.

It is generally not a good idea to hang window treatments in an apartment without the permission of your manager or landlord. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Damage to the window or frame: Some window treatments, such as heavy curtains or blinds, may put too much strain on the window or frame, causing damage over time.
  2. Safety concerns: Window treatments that are hung improperly or that are too heavy could pose a safety hazard, particularly if they fall or become loose.
  3. Fire safety: Some window treatments, such as flammable materials or those that block access to a fire escape, may not be allowed for safety reasons.
  4. Damage to the building: Hanging certain window treatments, such as those that require drilling or other modifications to the building, could cause damage that the landlord or manager may not want to repair.
  5. Aesthetics: Your manager or landlord may have specific guidelines for the appearance of the building, and window treatments that do not adhere to these guidelines may not be allowed.
  6. Privacy concerns: If your window treatments allow outsiders to see into your apartment, it could be a privacy concern for your manager or landlord.
  7. Noise reduction: Some window treatments, such as heavy curtains or sound-absorbing materials, may be too effective at reducing noise and could be a disturbance to neighbors.

In general, it is important to communicate with your manager or landlord before making any changes to your apartment, including hanging window treatments.

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