Window Coverings during Thanksgiving

Window Coverings during Thanksgiving

Window Covering

The holiday season is quickly approaching with a chill in the air inviting everyone indoors for cozy family gatherings and tummy-filled celebration. Thanksgiving, with its warm colors and iconic designs, gives homeowners the opportunity to spice up their surroundings with interior decoration ideas and holiday window coverings in the theme of this very special time of year.

The wonderful thing about faux blinds, roller shades, and screen shades is how easily they allow you to get creative with window treatment and coverings during the holidays. Bringing your Thanksgiving decorations to life with warm background light against rich and colorful holiday blinds helps set the mood and kindle the spirit of the season.

At you’ll find an array of blinds for the holidays to match and contrast unique window coverings as well as interior and exterior design elements that come together for a lovely holiday setting. Our vertical blinds and fauxwood blinds offer spacious presentation for Thanksgiving window covers and do wonders in accentuating seasonal colors and holiday décor such as leaves, wreaths, candles and centerpieces while casting a snug glow into the chilly outdoors.  

Browse our selection of holiday color blinds and get inspired to spruce up your home this and every Thanksgiving at

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